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The one with the Greek women...

Everybody is on holidays...or not...?

  Hello,my friends. So? Are you, all, on holidays? I am not, but I'm taking advantage of the fact that I live in a seaside town and I enjoy the sea and the relaxation that can provide me. I am acting pretty much like a tourist. The beach is the primary focus for tourists, so I decided to spend a week like a tourist in my own town. I will let you know about this thought in a forthcoming post. This post has to do with something else.
  As I told you, because of the fact that I'm pretending that I'm on holidays, I decided that except for my beach bag, towel, suntan, beach pillow, book, hat that I always carry with me, I had to take some magazines such us (Greek) HELLO, OK!.. 
  By the the time I started to read/watch photos, I had this post on my mind. A post for really beautiful & elegant people who don't need/want all this industry in order to be famous and  enviable. People who are not part of all this fake company, but we happen to know them from their work and only.
  I have to admit that the following people and the words I say about them are just my opinion..

Ismini Dafopoulos 

Ismini Dafopoulos (img source here)
  Ismini is a school teacher. She is also a model. Her beauty is just beyond doubt. She was one of the basic persons of the trailers, in one of the most known and successful channels in Greece. She was sweet and witty in this role. Although she is pleasant to be seen , in television ,for example, I'm happy that we don't see her yet. She didn't take advantage ,at ounce, of her outright appearence or her brainy look but she continued her job, her profession as a school teacher and continue living like a girl her age and not a persona with a show, or being part of a show, with plenty of paparazzi photos at the beach, at the bar, at the cafe, during shopping etc. 
She looks that she don't care about all this and by now we don't have a reason but to believe her.
  So Ismini is a Greek that we like!!

Maria Nafpliotou

Maria Nafpliotou

  Maria Nafpliotou is a Greek actress. She was a dancer but she decided that acting is what she wanted more. She went to an acting school in order to be the best she could be, to be guided by those that know more. She has leaded several roles in Greek television and Greek movies, as well. But her best performances are ,in my opinion, on stage. One of her best moments was when she lit the Olympic torch for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.
A woman that has the whole package, natural beauty- gentility- education, is not a woman that we are going to see in the next week's front page. She is a woman that talks through her job and her way of living.

Demetra Papadea (Demy)


  She was born in 1992. She is now 20 years old and had a tremendous success the past two years. She is a singer and she has several appearences on tv, magazines and shows. She also is  a law student. The reason she is one of my picks is that she is too young, good-looking and talented but the same time kind, gentle and honest. She does not try to make impression. I hope that she'll continue being the girl she is now.

  And now I'm I whopping? But the same time I realize that I'm not. I was thinking about known people, those 3 was  some of my favourites, and I realized that they had something in common.. Gentleness.. You know, being gentle isn't easy, it's complicated. It comes from the inside. It's the way you talk, the way you behave, the way you wave, the way you choose your life to be.
  Magazines such the ones I mentioned, create a soo fake picture of the world, where the most important thing is money (houses, cars, bags, shoes, clothes, vacation) and popularity. That's why many people spend nowdays money that don't really have in order to impress people that they don't even know. There's one word for this: Vanity. 
  Don't trust what you watch on TV, read on a magazine or hear in a radio station. Buy a book instead of a magazine.. There'll be more truths in a book that in a secular journal. Learn that.....
  ..Of the most important things in life is to spend time with people you love and care about you (not with people that are rich or have power), is to do things you enjoy (not things that most of the people do in order to be a part of a company), is to be free, feel secure and  satisfied with your choices, is to just

img source here
YOUR own life..

Stay tuned and enjoy summer..



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